Energy Management
What We Do
Our mission is to provide our customers with the tools and strategies to cost-effectively monitor, control and manage their facilities, enabling them to grow their businesses faster and more efficiently.  Home owners can also take direct advantage of our services empowering their homes with energy smart & efficient devices. 

Power usage in the world has grown exponentially in the last past few years.  Estimated to surpass the amount produced to supply homes and businesses.
Lighting is a major factor in reducing wasted power in businesses and in homes.  Just by simply refitting existing fixtures with energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED bulbs can reduce power  usage by 15 to 20%.  Lets say you have an electric bill of $120 a month.  Over a year that can mean a savings of over $260!

Let us come and give your company or home an energy assessment to give you expert advice on what would be ideal or most economical for you.
Understanding how, what, and were your energy losses are will educate you on how to improve you power consumption.
Imagine contributing to the bottom line of your business by: 

•Cutting your facility's energy usage by 20% to 40%
•Repairing HVAC units just-in-time before they fail or begin to drive up your energy costs
•Reducing facilities maintenance costs significantly
•Verifying the accuracy of your utility charges.

With a system by Art's Electric, you can have these advantages - without becoming an energy expert and without adding additional staff. You can do it remotely - including contacting maintenance vendors when repairs are needed. This allows you to create a new model for your facility maintenance program. We make your job easier with Energy Solutions You Can Count On.  Large or small we have the system to fit you.  Retrofitting with the most minimal wiring possible to save you down  time!

Using power in ways to fit your need is the basic principle of managing your bottom line.  An example would be to install an occupancy sensor in a high traffic area to light the room when occupied and off when it is not.